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January 21 2014

Asian squared-off bronze container from Yuan Dynasty, 1300s AD. The entire surface with incised geometric designs. The heads of four horned rams on the four corners.
Asian translucent golden amber statue from the Qing Dynasty, 1700s AD. Showing a seated bearded temple guardian or Nio, wearing a flowing robe and holding a small mythical animal.

September 24 2013


Asian. Hollow bronze Buddha with a shrine seated on a throne with a tilak to the forehead. Traces of gold gilding and green patina. 

Ming Dynasty, 1300s AD

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Asian. A pair of carved variegated jade miniature Foo dogs.
Qing Dynasty, 1800s AD

September 11 2013

42662 Asian Jade Foo Dog Statue. Carved variegated dark green jade Foo Dog seated on a base, body with intricate designs, a ball in his mouth, right leg resting on a ball.
1700s AD.
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44748 Asian Glass Dragon with horns and decorative carved details on the head and body, swirls of the molten glass visible on the body in shades of brown, beige and ivory. 400-500 AD.
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44685 Asian Bronze Mirror with a raised design of dragons, a horse and mythological animals. An insect in the center with a hole for stringing. 1300s AD.

August 19 2013

Asian. Variegated jade statue of a stylized dragon.

1300s AD

August 16 2013

Ancient Asian. Bronze sword with two columns of four animals on the handle’s surface. Two stylized dragons facing each other at the top of the handle. The middle of the blade depicts ten animals on both sides.

 400-200 BC
Asian. Bronze candlestick holder in form of a figure riding a mythical bird-like animal.

1300s AD

August 14 2013

Asian. Amber Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Mercy.

1700s AD

August 09 2013

Asian. Large polychrome statue of a camel on a terracotta base, with a decorative saddle blanket with a Foo Dog’s face on both sides. Covered in a heavy runny glaze in blue, green and golden amber.

1200-1300 AD
Asian. Stylized variegated jade statue of a squatting figure.

1300s AD

August 06 2013

Asian. Silver circular mirror with high relief geometric designs and four deer-like animals.
1300’s AD

May 02 2013

Asian. Carved crystal statue of a reclining ox. 1700's AD (3 x 2 ½")
Asian. Bronze incensory of a goose with removable decorative open fretwork of dragons on its back, the body with incised geometric designs.  1700’s AD (10 ½” x 12”)
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May 01 2013

Asian. Hollow bronze statue of two horses pulling a two-wheeled chariot with riders. Traces of green patina. 1300 AD (15 ” x 5”)
Asian. Chinese Jade Disc, also known as "Bi". Carved light brown jade. Carved in low relief: Two fish, with geometric patterns around them, facing each other, and a lotus flower above them in the center. A large bird with long wings and tail carved on the back of the disc (not pictured). Discs were placed above the head, below the feet, and on the chest of the deceased. Earthen patina. 200 AD (10")
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Asian. Hollow iron head of  Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Mercy. Traces of gold gilding on the surface. 1700’s AD (6 1/4” x 3”)

April 16 2013

Asian. Carved variegated green jade stamp seal with Asian characters at the bottom, a turtle with a head of a dragon on top. 1300 AD (4" x 3" x 3 1/4")
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