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August 09 2013

Ancient Egypt. Limestone scarab, with incised hieroglyphics on the bottom. A common type of amulet, the scarab is so called because it was made in the shape of a beetle (Scarabaeus sacer or dung beetle) that was personified by Khepri, a sun god associated with resurrection. 

18th Dynasty, 1570-1342 BC

July 30 2013

Ancient Egypt. Carved sandstone seated male on a base wearing a headdress, his hands laid across his knees. Hieroglyphs around the surface including an ankh. 

18th Dynasty, 1570-1342 BC

May 16 2013

Ancient Egyptian brown limestone Isis, protective Goddess associated with motherhood as well as the patron of nature and magic. She is depicted standing, wearing a sun disc and holding an ankh, on a base with incised hieroglyphics in the front. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC
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