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February 27 2014

Chinese Jade statue of a horned dragon with it’s mouth open and a baby dragon on its back. Decoratively carved details including circles and geometric designs on the body. Ming Dynasty 1300's AD
Green jade disc with nine lizards on the surface, incised circular designs bottom. Discs were placed above the head, below the feet and on the chest of the deceased. Han Dynasty, China - 200's AD
Chinese, Ming Dynasty, green jade stone three-piece vessel. Central body and lid in the shape of a pagoda, with dangling triangular ornaments. Carved details on the surface including a stylized fire-blowing dragon. Three curved feet on the bottom, a curved handle on each side.
Variegated green jade stone statue of an eagle with gracefully spread wings, sitting on a tree stump with beautifully carved facial features and details on the body including feathers and flowers. China, Ming Dynasty - 1300’s AD
Chinese, Ming Dynasty, variegated jade two-piece vessel with a pedestal base. A seated dragon on the lid, a dragon handle on each side, a carved dragon on one side and carved blooming lotus flowers on the other side. 

December 02 2013

Pre-Columbian, Veracruz 550-950 AD

Beige jade mask, distinguishable by the serene expression, with smooth facial plane and almond shaped eyes, and wearing a headdress.

November 20 2013

Carved variegated miniature dark green jade mask with almond shaped eyes under arched brows, smiling mouth, broad nose, elaborate headdress and ear spools. 550-950 AD

September 24 2013

Asian. A pair of carved variegated jade miniature Foo dogs.
Qing Dynasty, 1800s AD

September 11 2013

42662 Asian Jade Foo Dog Statue. Carved variegated dark green jade Foo Dog seated on a base, body with intricate designs, a ball in his mouth, right leg resting on a ball.
1700s AD.
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March 20 2013

Ancient Chinese. Carved variegated brown jade monk seated on his knees, both his hands in an offering mode, eyes closed, serene expression, hair combed to the back, wearing an elaborate robe with detailed geometrical patterns. 400 AD (8 1/2" x 4")
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February 28 2013

Asian. Carved variegated red jade bull with pointed horns, very detailed features, flaring nostrils, head down in alert position. Bulls, in most cultures, are associated with power and aggression. 
1300 AD (13 1/2" x 9 1/2")

December 05 2012

Ancient Asian. Carved variegated dark green jade disc with traces of brown color, with nine animals on the surface. Discs were placed above the head, below the feet and on the chest of the deceased. 200 AD (12")

October 19 2012

Ancient Asian. Carved variegated green jade  free-standing statue of a  fish. 1300 AD (12" x 5")
Ancient Asian. Carved variegated brownish-green jade dragon with a turtle shell, a winged animal on the top with coin currency. Traces of red. 1300 AD (11 ½" x 9 ½")
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Asian. Carved green jade disc with a hole in the center, dragon like animals and flowers on the outer rim. 200 AD (11 ¾")
Chinese Jade Disc, also known as "Bi". Carved light brown jade and carved in low relief, two fishes facing each other with other geometric patterns around them, a lotus flower above them in the center. A large bird with long wings and tail carved on the back of the disc. Discs were placed above the head, below the feet, and on the chest of the deceased. Earthen patina. 200 AD (10")

September 25 2012

Ancient Asian Jade Statue of a Couple Copulating. 

An example of ancient erotica. Carved brownish-green jade erotica piece: a standing couple copulating. Very animated and finely detailed. 1700 AD (4 ½" x 2 ¾")

July 02 2012

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Jade Statues of Chinese Lohans

From Left: Raised Hand Lohan, Laughing Lion Lohan,Raised Pagoda Lohan, and Long Eyebrows Lohan. Lohans are the followers of Buddhism’s enlightened path. 1300's AD.

These are just some of the examples of ancient Chinese jade Lohan statues available at Sadigh Gallery.
Click here to see the complete collection:


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