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May 26 2014

Latest Addition: Persian ceremonial 22KT gold brooch in the form of a deer, with stylized antlers. 500 BC
Latest Addition: Persian bronze oil lamp with a seated bird on the attached hinged lid, from the Sassanian Period, 700-900 AD.

December 16 2013


September 26 2013


Persian. Token shaped silver necklace with 22kt Gold plate. Pendant is in the shape of a leaf with blue glass inlays. 1300s AD

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Ancient Persia. Gold single earring with a stylized female wearing an elaborate headdress. Probably a fertility idol or mother goddess, judging by her physical characteristics. 500 BC

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September 16 2013

Persian. Light beige agate cylinder seal with winged male figures, trees and dotted designs. 500 BC

September 11 2013

26936 Persian Gold Bracelet, 22kt gold bracelet with twelve stylized birds attached. 200 AD.

September 10 2013

Persian. 22kt gold pendant of two reclining rams, each joined as one single body, with curved horns and very detailed features. 500 BC

August 06 2013


July 30 2013

Persian limestone stamp seal with inscriptions. 

1300’s AD

July 22 2013

Persian. 22k solid gold bracelet with a decorative ram’s head on each terminal. The bracelet has an intertwined rope design. May have belonged to a Queen or royalty.

500 BC
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June 21 2013

Ancient Persian silver plate with traces of gold wash decorated with seven standing birds including roosters and an eagle to the center, framed in a ridged circular design. 500 BC
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