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May 26 2014

Latest Addition: Persian ceremonial 22KT gold brooch in the form of a deer, with stylized antlers. 500 BC

January 23 2014

Luristan bronze ax head, with a bird on the handle. Ancient Iran, 1200-800 BC

October 07 2013

Lorestan (or Luristan). Bronze garment pin in the shape of a horse and its rider. Ancient Iran, 1200-800 BC
Lorestan (Ancient Iran). Bronze pendant in the shape of a bull. 1200-800 BC

September 24 2013

Luristan bronze, baby’s cuff bracelet with a snake head at each end. Traces of green patina. Ancient Iran, 1200-800 BC

September 19 2013

Collection of Luristan bronze garment pins.
Ancient Iran, 1200-800 BC

September 18 2013


Luristan. Black, terracotta drinking vessel with a ram’s head facing downward on one side and two feet on the bottom.

1200-800 BC

Luristan. Bronze angled brooch with etched coil and linear designs on the surface and a hand at the pin closure.
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