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May 26 2014

Latest Addition: Bone fragment, depicting the torso of a male. Roman-Egypt, 30 BC - 200 AD

January 28 2014

Roman light green iridescent glass bottle with a spout and a single handle. 100 AD

January 14 2014

Ancient Roman hollow bronze statue of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, standing half naked on a base. Arms missing.
Ancient Roman oval-shaped agate intaglio with a standing figure holding a staff. 200 AD

December 16 2013


October 31 2013

Roman. Gold coin with a portrait of a ruler on the front. On the reverse, a standing eagle with open wings and inscriptions. 200 AD
Ancient Roman. Marble torso of the Goddess, Artemis - the moon Goddess, virgin huntress, guardian of wild animals, patroness of marriage and childbirth and daughter of Zeus and Leto. 200 AD

July 08 2013

From left to right: Silver Roman double denari coin with a portrait on the front, the reverse shows a standing figure with inscriptions. 200 AD; Silver Roman Billion Nero tetradrachm coin. 54-68 AD; Byzantine bronze coin with two rulers on the obverse and the letter K with inscriptions on the reverse. 800 AD-1200 AD 

June 19 2013


Ancient Roman terracotta head fragments.

600-900 AD


Ancient Roman carved black oval glass intaglio with a profile of a woman.

100 AD

June 07 2013

Ancient Roman bird-shaped iridescent glass baby feeder with some encrustations. 100 AD

June 03 2013

Greco-Roman. Bronze medallion of a face surrounded with sun rays, probably Helios - the Greek Sun God, or its Roman equivalent, Sol. Thick green patina and encrustation.

May 17 2013

Ancient Roman iron door knocker, in the form of a hand holding a ball. The wrist swivels for door knocking operation. 200-300 AD
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May 15 2013

Ancient Roman solid gold earrings with linear designs. 100 AD

May 13 2013

Ancient Roman solid bronze statuette in form of a mermaid on a stylized base. Green patina. 100 AD

May 10 2013

Ancient Roman bronze statuette of Kheiron, the immortal son of the Titan Kronos and a half-brother of Zeus. Kheiron mentored many of the great heroes, including Jason and Akhilleus. In recompense he was given a place among the stars of heaven as the Constellation Sagittarius. 200 BC

May 09 2013

Ancient Roman mosaic floor panel made from brown, grey, black, and beige tesserae. The mosaic depicts a panther hunting a bull. Mounted on a wooden panel. 300 AD

May 01 2013

Ancient Roman. 22kt Gold vessel with images of five rulers and raised designs around the body. Weight: 10 ½ ounces. 100 AD

April 16 2013

Ancient Roman. Terracotta Diana of Ephesus, Goddess of the Amazons, a worship that focused on the Goddess as Queen of Heaven. In Roman times she was called Diana; yet at Ephesus, she was worshipped under the names Mother of Animals or Many-Breasted Artemis. Her temple built by the Amazons was one of the wonders of the World. 100-300 AD (5" x 1 ¼")

April 15 2013

Roman, mosaic floor panel of a horned deer standing near a tree. Made from red and brown Tesserae in a grid of grey Purbeck marble. Mounted on a wooden panel. 300 AD (23" x 19").
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