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April 02 2014

Seleukos VI, Epiphanies Nikator silver tetradrachm (95-94 BC): These coins originated from the Seleucid Kingdom that was established by Seleukos, general of Alexander the Great, after the death of Alexander. At its peak, the kingdom comprised almost all of the conquests of Alexander the Great with the exception of Egypt. Antiochus VII ruled from 138-129 BC and led a successful campaign in Palestine and Babylon. He ruled with competence and integrity but was killed in battle against the Parthian. Epiphanies Nikator was the eldest son of Antiochus VIII.

November 16 2012

Ancient Roman. Silver coin with a portrait of ruler on front.  On the reverse, an eagle with opene wings and inscriptions. 200 AD (1")

November 14 2012

Ancient Persian. Gold dinar coin of Shapur II, with a portrait bust wearing a crown on one side, fire altar with attendants on the other. 309-379 AD (¾")

October 04 2012

Illyrian Silver Coin
Ancient Greek. Illyrian. Silver Epeirote Republic tetradrachm coin, the front with Jugate heads of Zeus Dodonaios, wreathed with oak and Dione, veiled, the reverse with a butting bull, all within an oak-wreath. 238-168 BC (1")

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Greek. Silver Ptolemy tetradrachm coin from the Egyptian Kingdom, the reverse with an eagle with various inscriptions. Greco-Egyptian. 150-50 BC (1")

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July 02 2012


Sadigh Gallery Silver Greek Athenian Coin #39229

Silver Greek tetradrachm coin with Athena wearing a crested helmet ornamented with three olive leaves and floral scroll, on the back, a standing owl with an olive twig in the upper left. 400 BC  (1")

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