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February 06 2014

Sandstone Statue of a Ram
Ancient Egypt, 18th Dynasty

The ram was associated with Amun, the Egyptian sky God who came to be regarded as a sun God and the head of the Egyptian pantheon.

December 16 2013


December 02 2013


Gandhara, 200 AD
Modern-Day Afghanistan

Black basalt torso of a Goddess with elaborately stylized nipples with a detailed collar wearing various strands of necklaces and ornaments.

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A finely detailed black basalt torso of a Goddess. Gandharan, 200 AD

November 11 2013

Ancient Egypt. Marble seated figure with a headdress and chin beard, symbolizing the hope of resurrection. A female standing on crocodiles and the face of Bes, the Egyptian dwarf God believed to guard against evil spirits and misfortune, carved on the front. 18th Dynasty.

October 11 2013


May 24 2013

Ancient Egyptian hollow bronze seated cat statue with traces of green patina. Cats were the sacred animal of the Sun God Ra. The earliest Egyptian depiction of the cat took the form of three hieroglyph symbols, each representing seated cats. These formed part of the phrase ‘Lord of the City of Cats’ inscribed on a stone block from El-Lisht that may date as early as the reign of Pepy II, 2278-2184 BC. The Egyptian word for cat was the onomatopoeic term miw. 26th Dynasty.
Ancient Egyptian carved black basalt torso of a Goddess or a noble in a vertically striated garment and ornamental belt. Ptolemaic.
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