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May 13 2013

Ancient Egyptian light-green glazed limestone miniature version of an actual coffin with four legs. Removable top lid with a vertical line of hieroglyphs. Inside the coffin, a removable mummy form statue, also with a vertical line of hieroglyphs. 18th Dynasty

July 19 2012

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Lid #24187

Ancient Egyptian. Painted terracotta Anthropoid Sarcophagus lid, in the form of a painted red face with protruding ears and chin, the yellow striped head garb decorated with a band of petals across and a lotus flower hanging down over the forehead, with yellow striped bands and panels below, mounted. 18th Dynasty. Probably from Sinai. Traces of Red, Black and Yellow colors. 1570-1085 BC (20" x 16")
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