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May 26 2014

Latest Addition: Persian ceremonial 22KT gold brooch in the form of a deer, with stylized antlers. 500 BC

April 02 2014

Gold Stater of Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great.
Ancient Greece - Macedonia, 356-336 BC
Gold Stater of Alexander the Great (336-323 BC):
On the obverse, the head of the Goddess, Athena, with facial features modeled after those of Alexander. On the reverse, a beautiful Nike (winged Victory) holding a scepter and a victory wreath. The name ALEXANDER (in Greek) appears along the side of the wing, on the right.

December 02 2013

Roman, 100 AD

Gold ring with a garnet inlay in the center. 

September 11 2013

26936 Persian Gold Bracelet, 22kt gold bracelet with twelve stylized birds attached. 200 AD.

September 10 2013

Persian. 22kt gold pendant of two reclining rams, each joined as one single body, with curved horns and very detailed features. 500 BC

April 09 2013

Persian. 22kt gold bird filigree necklace with decorative details on the body and tail. 200 AD. 
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