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April 02 2014

Gold Stater of Alexander the Great (336-323 BC):
On the obverse, the head of the Goddess, Athena, with facial features modeled after those of Alexander. On the reverse, a beautiful Nike (winged Victory) holding a scepter and a victory wreath. The name ALEXANDER (in Greek) appears along the side of the wing, on the right.

February 13 2014

Bronze Oil Lamp
Greece, 18th Century AD

Bronze oil lamp with Leda and the Swan, the head of the swan serving as the ansa.

Leda and the Swan is a story in Greek Mythology. Zeus, disguised as a Swan, in order to escape the watchful eyes of his wife Hera, seduced or in other versions raped the maiden Leda, daughter of the Aetolian king Thestius.

June 19 2013


Ancient Greek owl shaped terracotta vessel with a single handle. Owl is the sacred animal of Athena, Goddess of wisdom.

400 BC

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