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March 26 2014

New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian miniature glazed limestone ceremonial boat, from the 18th Dynasty, with horned animal heads in the front and the back. The boat is shown carrying a removable mummy figurine, under the canopy. Anubis, the jackal-headed patron God of embalming who presided over mummification, sits on top of the canopy. Incised hieroglyphs on each side of the boat.
New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian limestone wall fragment, from the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom), with the torso of an Egyptian ruler wearing a headdress with a cobra head, a collar and bracelets. Three lines of incised hieroglyphs on the upper left. Incised linear details and geometric designs.

January 28 2014

Ancient Egyptian limestone scarab from the 18th Dynasty, with a stylized lion on the bottom. Sekhmet, a female deity who was also the fierce war deity and protector of the pharaohs, was depicted as a woman with the head of a lion.

January 21 2014

Ancient Egyptian limestone statue of a seated cat (Bast), with a smaller cat seated in the front, on a base with hieroglyphs. 26th Dynasty, 663-525 BC

January 14 2014

Ancient Egyptian brown limestone container with a seated cat on the lid, two cartouches and one line of vertical hieroglyphs on the surface. Indented pedestal base. 26th Dynasty, 663-525 BC
Ancient Egyptian limestone heart scarab with the face of Bes, dwarf-God believed to guard against evil spirits and misfortune, along with a cartouche with the Sun God Ra holding an Ankh on the top. Five lines of vertical hieroglyphics on the bottom including Anubis, a bird and cartouches. Ptolemaic, 305-30 BC

December 02 2013


Ancient Egyptian brown limestone cosmetic jar, with a falcon seated atop the handle. The applicator with the upper part of Neferetum, the youthful son of Ptah and Sekhmet, known as “He Who is Beautiful” and “Water Lily of the Sun”. Egyptians often carried small statuettes of him as good-luck charms. 18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC

October 31 2013

Ancient Egypt. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty.
Limestone scarab, the Egyptian symbol of resurrection.

August 09 2013

Ancient Egypt. Limestone scarab, with incised hieroglyphics on the bottom. A common type of amulet, the scarab is so called because it was made in the shape of a beetle (Scarabaeus sacer or dung beetle) that was personified by Khepri, a sun god associated with resurrection. 

18th Dynasty, 1570-1342 BC

July 30 2013

Persian limestone stamp seal with inscriptions. 

1300’s AD

May 28 2013

Ancient Egyptian brown limestone heart scarab with a winged beetle, an Eye of Horus, a bird and the sun God Ra on the top. Three columns of various Egyptian symbols on the bottom. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC

May 17 2013

Ancient Egyptian limestone canopic jar. Incised onto the front, three columns of hieroglyphs including the sun God Ra holding an Ankh. On the stopper, Hapy, protector of the liver. Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the organs of their owner for the afterlife. 18th Dynasty.

May 13 2013

Ancient Egyptian light-green glazed limestone miniature version of an actual coffin with four legs. Removable top lid with a vertical line of hieroglyphs. Inside the coffin, a removable mummy form statue, also with a vertical line of hieroglyphs. 18th Dynasty

April 12 2013

Limestone carving with a winged insect at the top, a cartouche with a beetle in the center and an Eye of Horus, the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection at the bottom. Traces of green, red and yellow. Light earthen patina. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (8 1/2" x 5").

April 09 2013

Ancient Egyptian, carved brown limestone bracelet with eight raised scarabs. Traces of red. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC. 

April 02 2013

Ancient Egypt. Carved brown limestone container with lid, the surface with 2 lines of hieroglyphics. A loop handle on each side. On the lid, a loop handle. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC (5 1/2" x 5")
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