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January 28 2014

Ancient Egyptian limestone scarab from the 18th Dynasty, with a stylized lion on the bottom. Sekhmet, a female deity who was also the fierce war deity and protector of the pharaohs, was depicted as a woman with the head of a lion.

August 09 2013

Ancient Roman. Bronze plaque of a lion.

100-200 AD

March 01 2013

Ancient Greek Terracotta Vessel 36294.
Dark terracotta vessel of a lion, a ram on top, the head of the ram serving as the opening of the vessel. On a square base. 400 BC (7 ½" x 8").

November 14 2012

Ancient Gandharan. Carved marble lion, the head turned to the side, the mouth opened in a ferocious roar.  200 AD (22" x 12" x 7 ½")
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