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March 26 2014

New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian miniature glazed limestone ceremonial boat, from the 18th Dynasty, with horned animal heads in the front and the back. The boat is shown carrying a removable mummy figurine, under the canopy. Anubis, the jackal-headed patron God of embalming who presided over mummification, sits on top of the canopy. Incised hieroglyphs on each side of the boat.
New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian 18th Dynasty wooden miniature sarcophagus with a Ushabti on the lid, wearing a headdress with a cobra, Carved hieroglyphs on the front, linear details on the hair and a carved beetle on each side. On the inside, a carved figure.

July 10 2012


Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Egyptian Mummified Cat Head #29167

Ancient Egyptian. Linen mummified cathead, detailed in black to bring out the eyes, mouth and ears. Ptolemaic. Available to purchase at Sadigh Gallery.
Size: 3" x 2 1/2"
Date: 305-30 BC

In ancient Egypt, mummification of the cats was common. If they were pets, they were often mummified along with their owners in hopes of reuniting with their masters in the afterlife. Cats were also considered to be sacred animals to certain deities (such as Sekhmet and Bastet), and were mummified as offerings to those gods. Animal mummification as offerings to gods was extremly popular in the ancient Egypt.

Sacred animals were often kept at the temples. When people wanted to invoke to certain gods, they were allowed to "purchase" an animal to be mummified as an offering at the temple.

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Sadigh Gallery Mummified Ibis #26531 

Mummified ibis intricately wrapped in linen.

Size: 15"

Date: 1570-1342 BC

The ibis was sacred to the Egyptians as the appearance of Thoth, the God of the art of writing. Wherever Thoth was honored, ibises were mummified and placed in tombs.

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