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March 26 2014

New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian 18th Dynasty wooden miniature sarcophagus with a Ushabti on the lid, wearing a headdress with a cobra, Carved hieroglyphs on the front, linear details on the hair and a carved beetle on each side. On the inside, a carved figure.

October 01 2013

Ancient Egypt. Terracotta sarcophagus painted with the four sons of Horus (Imsety, with head of a man; Hapy, with the head of a baboon; Qebehsenuef, with the head of a falcon; and Duamutef, with the head of a jackal). 18th Dynasty.

September 16 2013


Ancient Egypt. Wooden, arch-shaped panel, part of a sarcophagus, depicting an Egyptian figure rowing a boat, with five rows of vertical hieroglyphs, decorative geometric designs, and an Eye of Horus at the top. Shades of orange, deep red, deep yellow and black. 26th Dynasty, 663-525 BC

January 15 2013

Ancient Egyptian. Wood fragment from a sarcophagus. Depicts Anubis with staffs crossing over chest. Dark orange, blue, yellow, and black in color. Ptolemaic. Comes in a shadow box. 305-30 BC (5 ¾” x 3 ½”)

July 19 2012

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Lid #24187

Ancient Egyptian. Painted terracotta Anthropoid Sarcophagus lid, in the form of a painted red face with protruding ears and chin, the yellow striped head garb decorated with a band of petals across and a lotus flower hanging down over the forehead, with yellow striped bands and panels below, mounted. 18th Dynasty. Probably from Sinai. Traces of Red, Black and Yellow colors. 1570-1085 BC (20" x 16")
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