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April 02 2014

Seleukos VI, Epiphanies Nikator silver tetradrachm (95-94 BC): These coins originated from the Seleucid Kingdom that was established by Seleukos, general of Alexander the Great, after the death of Alexander. At its peak, the kingdom comprised almost all of the conquests of Alexander the Great with the exception of Egypt. Antiochus VII ruled from 138-129 BC and led a successful campaign in Palestine and Babylon. He ruled with competence and integrity but was killed in battle against the Parthian. Epiphanies Nikator was the eldest son of Antiochus VIII.
Ancient Holy Land, Silver Shekel of Tyre (126-70 BC):
Of all the Biblical references to coins, the “thirty pieces of silver,” also known as Shekel of Tyre, paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal of Christ is perhaps the best known. (Matthew 26: 14-15). In the great temple of Jerusalem built by Solomon, these coins were used to pay taxes.

January 28 2014

Phoenician Hollow silver Mother Goddess, holding a bird at her waist. 800-500 BC

August 06 2013

Asian. Silver circular mirror with high relief geometric designs and four deer-like animals.
1300’s AD

July 08 2013

Ancient Greece. Silver Demetrios Poliorketes tetradrachm coin,  one side with Poseidon. 294-288 BC
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