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November 15 2013

Greco-Egyptian silver Ptolemy tetradrachm. (305-30 BC)

July 22 2013

Ancient Greece. Silver Philip II tetradrachm coin, the obverse with the head of Zeus, the reverse with a King on horseback, and inscriptions.

The accession of Philip II to the Macedonian throne in 359 BC marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Greek World. Having made himself master of Greece by a mixture of military skill and diplomacy, he was free to pursue his greatest ambition - the conquest of the Persian Empire. But the assassin’s sword, 336 BC, prevented Philip from realizing this dream and the invasion of Asia was undertaken instead by his son Alexander, known to posterity as ‘the Great.’

359-336 BC

July 08 2013

Ancient Greece. Silver Elis tetradrachm coin, the front with Nike running with a wreath in hand, the back with an eagle hunting its prey. Peloponnesus, 471-452 BC
From left to right: Silver Roman double denari coin with a portrait on the front, the reverse shows a standing figure with inscriptions. 200 AD; Silver Roman Billion Nero tetradrachm coin. 54-68 AD; Byzantine bronze coin with two rulers on the obverse and the letter K with inscriptions on the reverse. 800 AD-1200 AD 

February 25 2013

Ancient Roman. Silver denari coins with a side portraits and inscriptions to the front and full figures in different poses with inscription to the back. 150 AD (¾")
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Persian silver Umayyad and Abbasid dirhams with inscriptions. 700-900 AD. (1")
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