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February 21 2014

Bronze Vessel
Yuan Dynasty - 1300’s AD

Bronze Asian two-piece animal shaped vessel, from the Yuan Dynasty, with two animals on the head and mouth. Its back with a removable lid, the small bird on the lid serving as the handle. The surface of the piece is adorned with raised geometric designs.
Bronze Animal Statue
Qing Dynasty - 1700’s AD

Hollow bronze statue of a large cat hunting its prey. Its body is highly ornamented with intricate geometric patterns, including four stylized dragons. 

January 31 2014

Sumerian Alabaster statue of a worshiper wearing a calf-length woolen skirt with layers of tufted borders, the hands gathered together in an attitude of devotion, with cuneiform inscriptions on the back of the base. 2500 BC
Ancient Greek terracotta statue of a horse with two amphorae on the back. 400 BC

January 28 2014

Sumerian terracotta statue of a standing bearded worshiper, with a naked torso, and hands clasped together in front in an attitude of devotion. He is wearing a calf length woolen skirt with six layers of tufted borders. Painted details of face done in light black paint. 2500 BC
Phoenician Hollow silver Mother Goddess, holding a bird at her waist. 800-500 BC

January 21 2014

Asian translucent golden amber statue from the Qing Dynasty, 1700s AD. Showing a seated bearded temple guardian or Nio, wearing a flowing robe and holding a small mythical animal.
Ancient Egyptian limestone statue of a seated cat (Bast), with a smaller cat seated in the front, on a base with hieroglyphs. 26th Dynasty, 663-525 BC

September 11 2013

42662 Asian Jade Foo Dog Statue. Carved variegated dark green jade Foo Dog seated on a base, body with intricate designs, a ball in his mouth, right leg resting on a ball.
1700s AD.
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April 11 2013

Egyptian. Carved lapis lazuli hooded head of a female. 200 AD (1 ¾" x 1 ¼")

April 09 2013

Ancient Egyptian, carved and polished carnelian standing hippopotamus. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (3" x 1 3/4"). 
Ancient Egypt. Carved Hematite reclining horse, the symbol of prestige, wealth and status. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (3" x 3")

April 05 2013

Asian. Carved variegated beige jade winged, nude figure, visible phallus, with a dragon/lion like creature on the top. 1300 AD (7 ½" x 3 ¼")
Asian. Carved green jade dragon with incised designs, snarling mouth, bulging eyes, long tail, with a curved object on top of its back, the object has beautiful designs on the surface. 1300 AD (5" x 4")
Asian. Carved dark green jade statue of a laying bird with a vessel on its back. Two wheels in the front, the surface with incised geometric designs. 1300 AD (4 1/2" x 4 1/4")

November 23 2012

Roman. Solid bronze statue of a boy wearing loincloths and holding a torch. One foot standing on a pedestal base. Green patina.  100 BC (6 ½" x 2")

June 29 2012


Sadigh Gallery Gandharan Carved Black Basalt Statue # 40471

Gandharan. Carved black basalt seated male with an elaborate beard and hairstyle, costume made from strands of pearls, the flowing sash wrapped around the arms, the hands to the chest, two smaller figures at either side of the cushioned base. 200 AD (28 ½" x 14 ½")


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