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February 13 2014

Terracotta Stele
Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic - 305-30 BC

Terracotta four-sided stele showing standing figures (probably Gods) in relief. The tallest figure shown wearing sun disc crown. The smaller figures are in niches with their hands and feet together.

February 06 2014

Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic

Terracotta oil lamp with a bearded male face and decorative, carved designs. 
Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic

Terracotta oil lamp with a stylized figure on top. 

January 31 2014

Pre-Columbian, Mayan Culture. Cylindrical terracotta drinking vessel with carved images of warriors in feathered costumes and decorative incised designs. 600-900 AD
Pre-Columbian, Chimu Culture. Terracotta vessel with a single spout and a curved handle with a male figure on it. Geometric designs on the surface and decorative holes around the base. 1200-1450 AD
Ancient Greek terracotta statue of a horse with two amphorae on the back. 400 BC

January 28 2014

Sumerian terracotta tablet with two lines of cuneiform writings on both sides. The front shows a figure that appears to be paying homage to a seated God or ruler, along with various horned animals. 2000 BC
Sumerian terracotta statue of a standing bearded worshiper, with a naked torso, and hands clasped together in front in an attitude of devotion. He is wearing a calf length woolen skirt with six layers of tufted borders. Painted details of face done in light black paint. 2500 BC

November 22 2013

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Roman. Terracotta, hollow, female figure standing on a base and wearing a draped robe. Light earthen patina. 200 AD

August 09 2013

Asian. Large polychrome statue of a camel on a terracotta base, with a decorative saddle blanket with a Foo Dog’s face on both sides. Covered in a heavy runny glaze in blue, green and golden amber.

1200-1300 AD

June 13 2013

Ancient Egyptian terracotta Ushabti with painted features.
“Servants of the Afterlife,” Ushabtis were placed in the tomb of the Mummy and were intended to be servants that would magically come to life and do any chore the Mummy might be called upon to perform in the afterlife. 18th Dynasty.

May 13 2013

Asian terracotta candlestick holder covered with a matte glaze, the lip has been broken and repaired; the base takes the form of a rooster. 1800’s AD

May 06 2013

Ancient Egypt. Painted terracotta Anthropoid Sarcophagus lid, in the form of a painted red face with protruding ears. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC

May 02 2013

Ancient Egyptian terracotta ushabti, often called "Servants of the Afterlife," with traces of white coating to the surface, earthen encrustation and traces of paint. 18th Dynasty. (7 ½" x 2 ½")

May 01 2013

Ancient Greek. Terracotta oil lamp with a loop handle, beige background with black and red images of animals. Top, bottom, and handle in black paint. Mycenaean Period, 1425-1300 BC (7” x 4 ½”)
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March 28 2013

Ancient Greece. Kylix shaped terracotta vessel with side handles. Light dirt patina. 400 BC (5" x 2 1/2")

February 22 2013

Ancient Holy Land. Terracotta Late Bronze Age three-sided saucer oil lamp. 1550 BC (3 3/4"x 2 3/4")
Ancient Holy Land. Terracotta oil lamp with the Greek letters of CHI (the cross or 'X'), and the letter RHO. The combination of these two symbols for the early Christians spelled CHRist. A decorative border surrounds the monogram. Traces of carbon residue about the wick hole. 300-400 AD (5")

January 22 2013

Roman. Terracotta miniature wine amphora with two handles, spiral shaped pottery markings. Flattened bottom, stands by itself.  Earthen patina. 100-200 AD (14 ½" x 6 ¼" )
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