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March 26 2014

New Arrival: Ancient Egyptian limestone wall fragment, from the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom), with the torso of an Egyptian ruler wearing a headdress with a cobra head, a collar and bracelets. Three lines of incised hieroglyphs on the upper left. Incised linear details and geometric designs.

September 19 2013

Ancient Egypt. Sandstone wall fragment showing an Egyptian male holding a staff, with various hieroglyphs and other Egyptian symbols, including an ankh - symbol of life. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, 1570-1342 BC

January 22 2013

Ancient Egyptian. Sandstone carving of standing falcon-headed Horus on the left side, a seated ruler on the right. Hieroglyphs visible. Light earthen patina. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (11 ½" x 8")
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